1. What is LockersGo?

Lockersgo is a smart locker service, which offers you the possibility of renting lockers from 1 hour, 365 days a year.

2. What kind of suitcases can LockersGo store?

We have 3 sizes:
1) Locker size M, whose measurements are 45 cm (height) x 40 cm (width) x 50 cm (depth). In these slogans it fits, approximately; 1 cabin suitcase or two backpacks.
2) L-size locker, whose measurements are 60 cm (height) x 50 cm (width) x 50 cm (depth). These slogans fit approximately the following options:
– Option A: 2 cabin suitcases
– Option B: 1 cabin suitcase and two backpacks or your purchases
3) XL size locker, whose measurements are 90 cm (height) x 50 cm (width) x 50 cm (depth). These slogans fit approximately the following options:
– Option A: 1 large suitcase
– Option B: 1 medium and 1 cabin suitcase
– Option C: 3 cabin suitcases.

3. How do I book?

You must book in advance via the web, you can book in advance the same day even when you are in the same place, the reservation will be effective at the same time you make it. (In the case of having any problem you can write to our Whatsapp)

4. What can I enter into my slogan?

In our lockers, you can introduce any object that fits without forcing the lock or causing damage to the locker. However, there are some prohibited items that cannot be stored in your locker:

1. Illegal objects: You cannot store stolen objects, drugs, pornographic material or any other degrading material for the human being.
2. Items that require a license: You cannot store weapons, ammunition, or other items that require a license or authorization without having such documentation.
3.Hazardous materials: It is forbidden to store any type of polluting or dangerous material, such as flammable objects or dangerous substances.
4. Animals and living beings: It is not allowed to keep animals of any kind or any other type of living being in the lockers.
5. Unpackaged food: Food cannot be brought into the lockers, unless it is packaged and cannot spill, stain the lockers or produce odors in the premises.

Remember that at Lockers Alicante you pay for the rented locker, not for the number of objects, so you can introduce all the objects that fit in your locker.

5. Is my luggage safe?

Of course! At our facilities in Alicante we have state-of-the-art security systems. We have surveillance cameras and alarms connected to a monitoring center that is in constant contact with the police 24 hours a day.
In addition, our lockers are equipped with sophisticated alarm systems that detect any attempt at improper or forced opening.

In case of theft, the luggage is insured up to an amount of €1000. Always with a complaint made to the police. In the event that belongings are left outside the lockers by mistake, we will not be responsible.
We recommend that you do not leave valuables or documentation such as Dni or passports inside the lockers.

6. How to use the lockers?

Too easy !! We will reserve through the web, we will enter our personal data, it will ask us to indicate the number of lockers we want to reserve and for how long, at the end we will have to pay for the lockers, at this moment we will receive an access code to the premises and a QR code, one to deposit our things in the lockers (we can put things in and out as many times as we want during the contracted time) the other QR code is used to check out, you must close the locker and remember that if you do not check out your meter will continue counting for each additional hour the cost will be €2.

7. Rules of the premises

The time you can stay on the premises is limited to what is necessary to manage your belongings stored in the locker. It is not allowed to stay on the premises for other activities, such as resting or using electronic devices.
It is strictly forbidden to take pictures or record videos of the local security systems (surveillance cameras, locks, screens, etc.) for security and confidentiality reasons. If misuse is suspected, the police may be contacted to protect all users.
Eating or drinking is not allowed inside the premises in order to keep it clean and tidy.

8. Can you cancel?

You can cancel before 48 hours, after which the total amount will be charged.

9. Can I book in advance?

Yes, reservations can be made in advance taking into account that the maximum is 24h and it will be valid from the moment you make it. So it can also be done at the last minute, at the moment you need it.
At the door of our premises you will have free WiFi access, to make it easier for you to book a locker, without consuming your own data.



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