Feel the pure emotion. No license or previous experience is required.
In our team, we are passionate about giving you an unforgettable experience full of
adrenalin. We provide you with the most modern jet skis so that
experience the best possible sensations. Our team of experts will be with you at all times, guiding you and making sure you feel in safe hands. Dare to live an exciting adventure without worrying about licenses or previous experience. We are here for you to enjoy to the fullest and create unforgettable memories. Join us and experience excitement at its best!
Excursion 30 minutes €85/motorbike
● Monitor
● Practical Theoretical Course
● Security Elements
● Civil liability policy
Excursion 60 minutes €140/motorbike
● Monitor
● Practical Theoretical Course
● Security Elements
● Civil liability policy
Tabarca excursion 2h €190/motorbike
● Monitor
● Practical Theoretical Course
● Security Elements
● Civil liability policy


We will depart by boat to Tabarca, a tiny island near Santa Pola inhabited by just 65 residents. This island is home to a marine reserve that encompasses a spectacular underwater panorama.


We will explore two different enclaves within the island reserve to carry out a snorkeling session and thus contemplate its varied marine life. Our excursion is accompanied by specialized snorkel guides, who will accompany us and provide explanations about the island and its underwater ecosystem. A unique way to experience Tabarca.


The activity will be managed by a diving school to guarantee the highest degree of professionalism and safety. We take care of all the comforts to guarantee an experience like no other.


Exit: 8:30 a.m.

Duration: 6 hours

What includes: Transportation, round trip boat, Snorkel Guide, snorkel material, water, snacks

Price: Consult

Recommendations: Bring a bathing suit, sunscreen, cap, bottle of water.

Difficulty level: Easy

Watch the video of our excursion:


Will you be able to balance on a banana without slipping and falling?


Enjoy with your friends an unforgettable and fun-filled experience in the port of Alicante. You can’t miss this incredible adventure!”


Are you ready to feel the excitement and adrenaline as you soar into the air at full speed, propelled by our speedboat?


Enjoy this exciting activity for up to 6 people, don’t worry, it’s completely safe! Do not miss this opportunity to fly and enjoy to the fullest.


There is no better way to have fun with a large group of friends than enjoying this experience in our inflatable!


Up to 6 people can participate in this activity, and it is suitable for all ages!


Get ready to experience centrifugal force in a unique and exciting way.


Come and be a part of this fun-filled adventure!


Do you think it is too complicated?

Not at all! Everyone can do it! Feel the closest sensation to flying with this unique experience that awaits you in the port of Alicante. No matter your skill level, you just need to want to enjoy yourself and let yourself be carried away by the emotion.

Come and discover a new way of experiencing adrenaline and freedom in the air!

1 OR 2 PEOPLE – 65€
3 OR + PEOPLE – 55€


Exit: Friday from 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Discover the world of professional fishing in the town of Villajoyosa. We will learn about the culture, tradition and gastronomy of the fishermen. At the hand of our guide we will visit the first fishing pier and we will learn the art of fishing. Then we will go to the fish market where we will attend a real fish auction. There are more than 25,000 kilos of fish and shellfish that go through the market every week and after visiting the market we will know how to differentiate fresh fish from frozen and other tricks. We ended up tasting the fresh fish auctioned.

In the last part of the tour we embark on a cruise ship and sail towards the fishing grounds where the fishermen are. Here we will observe the coast of Villajoyosa and see first hand how the fishing boats operate from a close distance.

This is a unique experience that you cannot miss!

Exit: 16:00

Duration: 4 hours.

What includes: Transportation from Alicante, guided tour of the Port of Villajoyosa and the market, tasting at the market and boat along the coast.

Price: Consult


We will leave in the direction of Villajoyosa, where we will explore the picturesque historic center, its pleasant promenade and the artisanal chocolate factory. Later, we will go to Altea, one of the most beautiful corners of the Costa Blanca. In Altea, we will get lost in its old town, full of white houses, cobbled alleys with their own character, its church with its white architecture crowned by a blue roof, and we will enjoy the impressive panoramic views from the square, where the sea and the mountains merge in a magnificent sight. We will have some free time to wander around, taste local dishes and explore this charming town before heading back.

Exit:10:00 a.m.

Duration: 6-7 hours.

What includes: Transportation, Tour Leader (speaks Spanish, French, English), visit to the Artisanal Chocolate Factory.

Price: €60 per person (Groups of 3 to 8 people) / €70 per person (Minimum of 2 people).

Difficulty level: Easy.


We will explore the city of Elche, where we will immerse ourselves in the majestic Elche Palm Grove, the largest in Europe, home to some 200,000 palm trees. Planted in Arab times, this historic treasure has a rich history and was recognized as a World Heritage Site in 2000. We will visit the center of Elche and appreciate the magnificent Basilica of Santa María. Then, we will go to El Hondo Natural Park, a natural reserve made up of the Elche lagoon. In this area, you can see more than 172 species of birds, and if we are lucky enough to have the right moment, we can catch a glimpse of flamingos delighting in their waters.

Exit:10:00 a.m.

Duration: 4 – 5 hours.

What includes: Private transport, Guide, Palmeral de Elche entrance and El Hondo Natural Park.

Price: €60 per person (Groups of 3 to 7 people) / €70 per person (minimum of 2 people).

Difficulty level: Easy.


We will explore from the coast inland, exploring the mountainous region adorned with picturesque villages. Once we reach the Guadalest valley, we will enter its fortress, from which impressive views of the valley and its reservoir unfold. We will have time to explore the museums, including the Museum of Miniatures, as well as to discover the charm of the town itself. Later, we will go to Las Fuentes del Algar, a set of small waterfalls fed by crystal clear water. They are places full of magic that you should not miss.


*There will be a lunch break with various options available.

Exit: 10:00

Duration: 6 – 7 hours

What includes: Transport, Guide, Tickets to the municipal museum and castle of Guadalest and Fuentes de Algar

Price: €65 per person (Groups of 3 to 7 people) / €75 per person (minimum of 2 people).

recommendations: Comfortable clothes, sports shoes, water, swimsuit and sun protection.

Difficulty level: Easy


The Canelobre CAVES are located 700 m above sea level and on the slopes of the Cabeçó d’Or mountain. They represent a perfect enclave to delight us with some of the most exceptional panoramic views of the region. During our exploration, we will discover the interior of the cave, which houses one of the highest vaults in Spain.


Throughout the tour, we will have the opportunity to admire the varied and curious forms that the rocks have adopted, such as chandeliers, animals and figures. We will also be provided with historical details and intriguing anecdotes about the cave.

Exit: 10:00 o 14:00

Duration: 3 – 4 horas.

What includes: Guide, Transportation, entrance and guided visit to the caves, walk through the town of Busot.

Price: €50 per person (Groups of 3 to 7 people) / €60 per person (Minimum of 2 people).

Difficulty level: Easy, open to all types of public.


Immerse yourself in the natural beauty of Maigmó while you take a relaxing horseback ride. This area is among the highest in the province of Alicante, presenting a cooler environment that offers a striking contrast with the coastal landscape. Notable features include its mountains covered in lush vegetation and dense pine trees, as well as providing breathtaking panoramic views of the Mediterranean Sea. Upon arrival, our equestrian instructor will instruct us on how to understand and communicate with horses to fully enjoy this captivating tour.


*Possibility of night walks from May to August; please contact us for more details.


Exit: 10:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.

Duration: 3.5 hours.

What includes: Private transportation, 1 hour horseback ride, helmet, equestrian guide

Price: €65 per person (minimum group of 4 people)

Recommendations: Wear long pants or jeans with sports shoes, a bottle of water and sunscreen.

Difficulty level: Easy.

Come to enjoy.


Exceptional opportunity to explore and support indigenous businesses. In this experience, we will get closer to Lili to immerse ourselves in her story and we will understand the complete procedure to make the most outstanding goat cheese in the Alicante region. After our immersion, we will return to the city of Alicante with the purpose of visiting a traditional brewery. Led by Arturo, we will discover the ins and outs of making their beers and we will taste their varied selection accompanied by an aperitif.

Exit: 10:00

Duration: 4 hours.

What includes: Guided visit to the production of artisan cheese, cheese tasting, guided visit to the artisanal brewery, local beer tasting, snacks, transportation and Tour Leader (speaks Spanish, English, French).

Price: €70 per person (minimum of 4 people).


We will explore a town in the province of Alicante, renowned for its excellent cuisine and high-quality wines, which deserves a detailed visit. We will enter a vineyard, where we will immerse ourselves in the winemaking process thanks to a detailed explanation. We will have the pleasure of tasting some of the most emblematic wines and accompanying them with sandwiches made from regional products. After a relaxed walk and the capture of the last images, we will return to Alicante to end our excursion. The Vineyards of Alicante offer an experience that is worth experiencing.

Exit: 10:00 o 14:00

Duration: 4 hours.

What includes: Guided visit in the vineyard with tasting of 3 wines, snacks, transportation and Guide

Price: €55 per person (Groups of 3 to 7 people) / €65 per person (Minimum of 2 people).

*There is the option to add lunch


New to the CITY? Interested in discovering the most genuine tapas and establishments, far from the usual tourist routes? Come join us in our tapas experience!


This culinary tour is meticulously mapped out to give you an insightful look at Alicante’s core, highlighting its most authentic bars and delicious tapas. During the journey, we will visit three of the most outstanding establishments in the city to savor the legitimate Alicante cuisine. In addition to this, it represents an excellent opportunity to walk through the urban heart and delve into a different and highly entertaining facet of Alicante.

Exit: 7:15 p.m.

Duration: 2.5 hours.

What includes: Guide, 3 drinks (wines, beers, soft drinks or water), various individual and shared tapas

Price:€65 per person (minimum groups of 4 people).

*If you are less than 4, ask to join our groups.


We will meet in the heart of Alicante to go together to our culinary facilities. We have various urban environments where, depending on the number of attendees, we will teach our cooking classes. We will dress the aprons and we will go into the culinary experience.


In an entertaining way, we will explore the creation of a variety of dishes, and later we will settle down to delight ourselves with the results obtained.


We have at your disposal multiple culinary alternatives that cover different corners of the planet. Don’t delay any longer and join our enriching cooking day in Alicante!


Exit: Every day on request / Duration: 4 hours

What includes: Cooking class, recipe book, dinner, wine and beer throughout the event.

Price: Consult. Minimum groups of 8 people.


Native Delicacies of Alicante.


Designed to discover, experience and taste the exquisite handmade sweets of Alicante. We will start the day with an excursion to Jijona, just 15 km from Alicante. This town specializes in making nougat. We will get closer to a family that runs a small nougat factory, we will explore the process and we will have the pleasure of trying these globally recognized sweets. Later, we will move to Villajoyosa, a charming town famous for its picturesque historic center and its long tradition of making chocolate. There, we will visit a modest chocolate factory, one of the three that still perpetuate the heritage of the place. If you have a sweet tooth, this event is a must!

Exit: 10:00 hours.

Duration: 4 – 5 hours.

What includes: Transportation, Guide, guided visit to family nougat and chocolate factories, and tasting of various types of nougat, marzipan and chocolate.

Price: €60 per person (Groups of 3 to 7 people)


The tradition of growing olives and making olive oil is deeply rooted in the history of Spain. Olive oil, nicknamed the golden nectar or the Mediterranean treasure, has played a crucial and appreciated role globally. We will embark on a journey to a family olive oil mill in Alicante. We will explore the cultivated fields and participate in a detailed presentation of the oil extraction process. The experience will culminate with a tasting of different varieties of oil and native products, all framed by the splendid mountain panorama. We will have the opportunity to purchase the different varieties of oil at exclusive prices.

*Possibility of complementing it with a visit to the Canelobre Caverns and/or an Artisan Nougat Factory.


Exit:10:00 a.m.

Duration: 5 hours.

What includes: Guide, Guided visit to the mill and fields, Transportation, Picnic, Wine, Oil tasting and discount on products.

Price: €70 per person (minimum of 4 people).

Difficulty level: Easy.


Join us and enjoy a magnificent gastronomic experience in Alicante!

Discover the best local appetizers and dishes on a unique tour. We invite you to try a wide variety of typical products of the region, from fresh, locally grown fruits and vegetables to meat from nearby farms and Mediterranean fish. In addition, you can delight yourself with a selection of cheeses and artisan sweets, all paired with typical drinks, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. You will be transported by the delicious aromas and flavors of
our land. The meeting point will be the central market, from where we will go to different food establishments, some of which have more than a century of history. You will have the opportunity to meet the most experienced vendors and hear the stories behind each product and the tradition that surrounds them. In addition, you will discover the fascinating history of the
central market and its secret corners. On tours that start after 6:00 p.m., the indoor market will be closed, but we will visit the outdoor stalls and some nearby tapas bars. If you have any allergies,
intolerance or you prefer vegetarian options, let us know in advance so that we can prepare everything properly. Unfortunately, we do not offer vegan options on this experience. By booking this experience, you will be supporting small businesses, local producers and artisans who continue to work as before. Don’t miss out on this incredible culinary adventure in Alicante!

What includes:
Appetizers Other
20 tastings. 100% typical and local! . Guided tour in the Central Market.
local drinks. Among the 20 tastings, we will try various drinks such as wines or
local spirits (+18) Also non-alcoholic
Price: 29 Euro

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